• Ronnie Wolfe

The Easy Road

Ronnie W. Wolfe – January 20, 2020

For the Funeral of Opal Bolton – January 25, 2020

The road is not easy living in the world,

As all the heartaches at each person are hurled.

But, when the Lord is near me in all of his love,

It is easy to trust him as he speaks from above.

The road is not easy with rocks all around

To stumble where the potholes abound;

But it is an easy road, traveling down

When the Spirit of God lives all around.

It’s not an easy road to raise your children well.

It’s not an easy road to tell them of Hell;

But it’s an easy road to see them turn

From sin and shame so they won’t burn.

It’s not an easy road to have disease,

It’s not an easy road to live life with ease;

But it is an easy road to know that Jesus cares

And trust him faithfully his mercy He shares.

It’s not an easy road to come to death

And wait for the angels to do as He saith;

But it is an easy road for me to travel on

To a new and wondrous place by God’s eternal Son.

And so through hardest of travels I go

To end with an entrance so far from below.

The shadow of death is a short, easy road

To shed all my burdens and lighten my load.

Lord, it’s been hard to travel through time;

But you were there, and you are mine.

It’s easy to trust you through all the way

And an easy road awaits at the end of the day.

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