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My Story #43

Dr. Ronnie W. Wolfe Preachers have dreams, and many of the preachers tell me that they have this same dream or something like it. It is a dream in which the preacher is to speak to a large crowd. He is somewhere around but not yet in front of the crowd. The time is drawing nearer and nearer to the time when he is to speak, but the preacher has a problem (one of many). It could be that he cannot find his Bible or his notes. It could be that he is not yet at the church when it is already time for him to speak. But, whatever it is, there is something hindering him from his speech. I had a dream once that I was to preach in just a minute or two, and for some reason I could make my way to the pulpit. I was behind a large group of people with no way to reach the podium to preach. I awoke without ever making it to the pulpit to preach. In real life preaching is one of the greatest activities that I enjoy. God called me at age 18 to preach his word, and God stimulated by conscience to so my best. Although I am not the finest preach in the world, I do want to be; and I work hard a using the gift that God has given me. That is all God requires, and I am satisfied to do that. It is not my preaching that honors God; it is God's word that honor's God.

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