• Ronnie W. Wolfe

From Darkness To Light

From Darkness To Light By Ronnie W. Wolfe – June 26, 2018 So long in darkness there I trod A million miles away from God. I staggered through a lonely world Not knowing faith and grace unfurled. My sullen path from God I tread; In drowning tears I made my bed. No hope in earth there seemed to be, And without God; I was not free. But captured into sin’s dread sway, I spent life’s miseries away. Friends captured in my errant ways Believed the lie of fruitful days: That earth’s great glories we would hold If we would march as soldiers bold. Unknown defeat lay at my door; I knew not how to conquer more. Until a message came to me, Divine intent it seemed to be. God’s word came by to give compose To a restless lamb and a dying rose. The darkness seemed to wisp away As grace took hold and won the day. Thank God for grace, no sullen night But grateful thought instead of fright. Come now, thy Spirit, comfort me From sin and sorrow set me free. Give assurance blesséd, great And with compassion seal my fate. The darkness gone I now love God And welcome his own chastening rod To give me love and lead the way To yonder’s great and glorious day. How then, my friend will you go on Without the favor of God’s Son? How in the darkness shall you rise To light undaunted realize? God’s Son came by to die for sin And give believers life within And by his death came back to life To save the soul from endless strife. Believe! Believe! Oh sinner come! Believe on Christ, God’s only Son. Raised with Christ from death to life Where blessings from our God are rife. His Light will bring you from the dark And on a glorious trail embark To see our Father face to face, To be redeemed by wondrous grace.

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