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Ice Cream In A Shaving Kit

Somewhere around the year 1965 or 1966, a group who was at that time named the Lexington Baptist College Trio were going to take a trip to West Virginia. We all worked, so we had to wait until after work on Friday evening to leave on the long trip.

I worked at First Security National Bank in Lexington, Kentucky, and I did not get off work until about four o'clock. As usual I was in a hurry to go by the cleaners and pick up my suit to wear to church when we got to our destination. Of course I had not eaten any supper, so I stopped by a small store and picked up a ½-pint box of ice cream to eat before I left on the trip. I knew it would be a long trip, and I did not want to get sick in the car from not eating.

I arrived home, and I was carrying my suit and my shaving kit, and was heading upstairs to my room. Realizing that balancing all of these things together was a problem, I slipped the ice cream into my shaving kit so that I could eat it after I reached the top of the stairs while waiting for Bob Jones to come by and pick me up in about 15 more minutes.

As I was trudging up the stairs I was about halfway up when I heard a horn blow. I knew the horn; it was Bob Jones--early as usual. I should have known he would be early. I immediately turned to go back down the stairs, carried my suit and things out to the car and packed them up with the other boys' things to begin our long trip to West Virginia.

We had been on the road about an hour when brother Demas Brubacher asked Robert Carpenter to reach back behind the back seat and get his Bible so he could do some Bible reading. The car was a Volkswagen, and things were packed in there pretty tightly. Robert reached his hand behind the seat to get his Bible, and he said, "Oooh, what is that?" Immediately I remembered the ice cream that I had put in the shaving kit to eat before I left and had forgotten about it in the hustle and bustle of coming to the car in a hurry.

Well, you can imagine the rest of the story. The Bible was practically ruined, and all the way to West Virginia, the boys intermittently said "Ice cream in a shaving kit?" over and over again. No matter how many times I explained what happened, it was the same old thing: "Ice cream in a shaving kit?" To this day I am teased about the ice cream in the shaving kit.

I don't know the answer to the dilemma. The only thing I know is that the Bible says in First Corinthians 14:40 "Let all things be done decently and in order." Evidently that was not decent or in order. I will try to do better next time.

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