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Hear Me When I Call

When doing my daily reading this morning, I was starting my reading in the book of Psalms; and, when I came upon this verse, it struck me hard. Thoughts of wonder went through my mind. I thought, "Why should God hear me when I call?" My heart sank low as I thought about my own sinfulness despite the fact that I put forth my best endeavor to be right with God in both my thoughts and my doings. Why would God answer the call of a man who has sinned so against him? How can a man bring himself to call upon such a holy God? We have no power to comprehend the transcendence of God much less his immanence, his Providence among his creatures. How can I rise above my daily earthly shortcomings in order to make even the least request to such a glorious and perfect God? The answer is in his love and grace toward his people. He has loved his people with an everlasting love, and he has given commandment for us to call out to him. He is always ready to answer those who come to him without regarding sin in the heart and who truly desire to repent of their daily sins and to grow in grace and knowledge. It is because of God's great mercy that we are able to bow our heads in strong humility and submitting to his righteousness and his will. We can by no means approach God on legal grounds except for the fact that Jesus is both the Sacrifice for our sins and also our Advocate (lawyer) in heaven where he perpetually intercedes for believers to his Father and our Father. The verse goes on to say "thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress." Oh, the distress that comes when I feel the weight of sin upon my back, hesitating to pray to God because of those dirty, filthy thoughts that course through my mind at times, those horrible thoughts of doubt, superstition, and even hatred and jealousy! How can I approach him? What will he say. I feel as Job did when he approached God. How can I give answer to God. Psalms 100:5 For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations. THAT IS THE REASON!

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