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Chapters From My Life - Wallace House

After living in a two-room house in Morgan, Kentucky, we moved into a house owned by Earl Wallace. Many events took place there which I remember with clear memory. I remember the house well. There were four rooms in a semi-circular shape. The two rooms in the front of the house must have been the original house, and two more rooms seem to have been added later. Facing the front of the house one could see on the right a room with a front window. That room was occupied by my grandfather, Frank Blackburn (my mother's father) until his death in 1952. The room on the left we called "the front room." It was the living room of the house, but sometimes sleeping arrangements were made in it, since we had so many people to bed down at night. A room behind the living room had a pullout couch-bed. I cannot remember for sure if I slept on that bed, but I may have. In that room sat a floor-model radio. The actual radio sat inside a case, and the case opened up in the front, and the door pulled out the entire length of the radio and made a kind of desk. I remember my brother and I would sit there and finish our homework before we could reach on the left side of the radio and clip up the toggle switch to turn on our favorite radio shows such as Sky King, The Shadow, Inner Sanctum, The Lone Ranger, Gene Autrey, and Roy Rogers. I remember hearing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer for the first time on that radio. At the end and to the side of that room was the kitchen. In it was a wood-burning cook stove, a pretty large size, with a reservoir on one side to keep hot water available at all times. Outside in the back yard, which included the space in the semi-circle, to the left of exiting the back door (kitchen door) was a cellar built with steps going down to the door and built up into a small hill of dirt and grass on the top. We kept fruit, vegetables, and other perishables in the cellar so we would have them year around.

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