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John 4:35-38 -- "The Harvest"

How many times have we read this portion of Scripture? Each time we do, it convicts our hearts of our hesitation to reap a harvest of souls that are ripe for the word of God. The Harvest Is READY, 35 It is now time for all of us to be busy about our Father's business of preaching the Gospel to every creature. Just as harvesting is not easy, so witnessing is not easy; but the harvest must be gathered in to the glory of God. It is better that we who love the Lord and love truth harvest these who are ready to believe rather than some who may lead them into error. The Harvest is REWARDED, 36 Yes, the work that we as evangelists and soul-winners do will be rewarded, first with the fruit of eternal life in those who believe and also in our reward received at the hand of our God in judgment, since He promised it to us, bringing his reward with Him. The Harvest is RECEIVED, 37-38 Where the Old Testament prophets sowed the prophetic word of God, so the apostles and New Testament believers reaped from that prophetic prose in giving the true message of Jesus' coming as the Messiah to seek and to save that which was lost. Also, we today harvest the sowing of the apostles as they ministered and wrote down the divine, inspired word of God for our easy use today. They have sown; we are reaping the fruit of their labors with a simple but powerful message of the Gospel of grace to those who are so much in need of it. Also, we are reaping where God sows the word of God into the hearts of those to whom we are witnessing. Without His work, there would be no harvest, for He is the originator and the provider of a good harvest.

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