Roger Baker - Deacon for 20 Years

Plaque given Jan. 17, 2016

Vacation Bible School 2014

Pastor's son, David Wolfe, preaching at First Baptist Church on 4-26-2015 while Pastor was recuperating from an illness at home.

Van Meter family: Todd, Christina, and Shawn. Shawn was baptized on 5-17-2015.

Our Veterans at First Baptist Church on Memorial Day Service May 24, 2015. Our hearts are blessed to have them with us.


Left - Right:  Ted Estridge, Jr.; Roger Baker; Ron Wells; John Racz; Paul Burfore; Jim Sutton; Jim Spaw.

First Baptist Church

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First Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church. It is not Protestant nor Reformed. We stress local church teaching and believe in salvation completely by grace through faith. The Bible we use is the King James Version.