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Songs Sung By Pastor Wolfe

These are YouTube videos of Pastor Ronnie Wolfe (and others) singing some good songs.

Click on the link below the song title:

The Old Ship of Zion


Ship Ahoy


Leaving On My Mind


Learning To Lean On Jesus


I'll Rise Again


Beulah Land


Amazing Grace


How Wide Is The Ocean? (Written by R. Wolfe)


One Voice (Written by Ron Wolfe)


When Jesus Takes My Soul Away (Written by R. Wolfe)


After All (Written by R. Wolfe)


Little Is Much . . . Harmonica


Jesus Is On My Mind (Written by R. Wolfe)


I'm Just A Baptist Boy (Written by R. Wolfe)


Come Thou Fount


Rainbow of Love - Bluegrass Boys Michigan


Amazing Grace


I Believe He's Coming Back


It's Different Now - Bluegrass Boys


When Jesus Takes My Sin Away - Piano Only

(Written by R. Wolfe)


Come Thou Fount


Amazing Grace


David Wolfe Piano - FBC 9-21-2011


Up Calvary's Hill - Okey Smith 9-20-2011


Joy In The Camp Kittle Family - 9-21-2011


Paul Kirkman Singing


That Anchor Will Hold Us - BGB 5-5-2010


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